TOP 10 Questions you should ask in an interview

  1. What skills and experience would make up your ideal candidate? – This allows the interviewer to tell you what they’re looking for and allows you to tailor your responses.
  2. What is the biggest challenge facing your team? – this encourages the interviewer to view you in the position and it show’s your ability to be an engaged team member.
  3. What do you like most about working here? – This will give insight into how satisfied are the employees here.
  4. What “constitutes” success in this role and at this company? – the answer will show you how people get ahead in the company and if this environment is a good one for you.
  5. Do you have any reservations about my background?
  6. This shows’ you are unafraid of criticism, you want to grow, and your invested in your improvement. It also gives you an opportunity to overcome their reservations.
  7. What kind of professional development programs do you offer? – This let’s them know you’re looking to grow with the employer.
  8. Can you tell me a little more about the teams I’ll be working with? – This allows you to envision yourself in the role and your interactions with team members on a daily basis. It gives you a perspective of the environment and culture.
  9. What can you tell me about your upcoming initiatives or plans for growth? – do your homework on the company and ask about any changes that might be coming down the pipeline.  It will give insight on potential project you may encounter.
  10. Who previously held this position?- you might be able to gain some insight into the kind of people they hire and their progression.
  11. What is the next step in the process? -invite the interviewer to give you info on how many candidates are in the running and where you are in the process.  It signals that you are interested in the job!


“Cornerstone Search Partners did a great job of listening to my exact desires for the job and thoughtfully considered the open positions that would fit my criteria. They worked with the prospective employer to obtain the best benefits package and best company fit. Overall it was a great experience!” — Sr. Tax Accountant